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Canto USA was started with the specific goal of supplying the lighting community with good quality, nice looking, affordable products; together with a passion for professional and friendly service to our customers. This passion has been one of the main drives behind our company mission, and Canto USA has established itself as a major supplier of stylish luminaires with a full range of theatrical accessories in North America.” Canto USA products are on display all over the United States.


Relevant literature on the full range of products, available both in printed and electronic version, can be downloaded by this website or requested at our office.

Before and After: Mclean Bible Church (Vienna VA)


product used: Retro-Classic™ 500

Before: 208 – 500 Watt E11 Mini Candelabra T4 Quartz


After: 208 – RETRO-Classic 500, 2700K Varying optics depending on throw distance, E11 Varying lengths depending on recessed cans.


Power Reduced by 91.2%


Room Increased intensity by 20%


The RETRO-Classic is a CSA listed, Energy Star 2.0 retrofit kit that rapidly transforms existing inefficient incandescent fixtures into energy efficient LED fixtures. Patent pending technology allows the fixture to smoothly dim from 0-100% utilizing existing dimming technology. Retrofit kits are available with a variety of options for both recessed and pendant style fixtures. Installation is as easy as changing a light bulb. Our LED technology creates even fields and delivers consistent color. The RETRO-Classic 500 delivers more light than most 500 watt incandescent bulbs it replaces with only a 49 watt load.



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