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Canto Usa Fusion 2 Graphic

Canto USA Announces Updates Rolling Out for the RETRO Series Product Line

Samantha Tse - Writer

November 30, 2023

The next generation of our fully dimmable high-intensity retrofit LED house lights. Now with field swappable bases and PAR options in our smaller and lighter Fusion shell. Our LED technology creates even fields and delivers consistent color.

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Woodruff Art Center After Canto Usa Retro Install 7

Transforming the Woodruff Arts Center With the RETRO Series

Samantha Tse - Writer

October 31, 2023

The Woodruff Arts Center is a visual and performing arts center located in Atlanta, Georgia with a mission to pass the power of art on to the next generation through access and education. A recent RETRO upgrade was a success with everyone at the Woodruff Arts Center amazed at the difference the lighting made in the space...

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Canto USA Rep Training 2023 1

Canto USA Wraps Up Successful Rep Sales and Product Training Event

Samantha Tse - Writer

October 4, 2023

Canto USA’s inaugural Rep Sales and Product Training event offered sales representatives nationwide an opportunity to dive deep into the product features, business strategy and operations at Canto USA. Furthermore, attendees were given a first-hand look at the updated RETRO product line...

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