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Canto Followspots FAQs



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  1. How do I determine what wattage of followspot I need?
  2. There are several questions to be able to answer for your space first. Here are a few things to consider:

    • How far is the distance between the spot booth/spot location from the stage and to the back of the stage?
    • What kind of power do I have to allocate to the followspot? 120V or 208V and are they dedicated outlets?
    • If I’m in an enclosed spot booth, is the booth open or does it have glass?  If your booth has glass, does the glass slide open, or am I shooting through the glass?
    • Is noise a factor?
    • What color temperature of lamp do I want to use?
    • How many footcandles does the lighting designer want for the followspot when it’s shining onstage?
    • Am I using all conventionals or LEDs onstage, or a hybrid system?  What is the max output of the stage fixtures and how many footcandles?
    • Are my fixtures permanently installed, or will they be easily portable?
    • Are you using this in a catwalk application?  If so, what space constraints do you have?
  3. Can I use gobos in the followspots?
  4. You can put a gobo in any of our followspots except for the Aurora. You can use the standard A or B gobos.

  5. How long after I’ve placed my order will it take to receive?
  6. Typically, all of our units are in stock. Turnaround time is usually 1-3 days.