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Retro Energy Rebates FAQs



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  1. What are energy rebates?
  2. In recent years, with the influx of LED technology, power companies have been giving rebates to incentivize public and private builders to upgrade to LED.

  3. What types of rebates do the power companies offer to upgrade to an LED system?
  4. Some power companies base their rebate on how much power you are saving. For example, if you are using a 500 watt lamp, and retrofit to a RETRO 500 at 49 watts, then you are saving 451 watts of power. The power company would then determine how much power you would save them over an extended period of time and give you a qualified rebate to offset the cost of the retrofit lamp.

  5. What does it mean when an LED fixture is Energy Star Listed or DLC?
  6. Energy Star and DLC are testing facilities that are recognized by all power companies in the USA, setting standards in regards to the efficacy of the LED retrofit/fixture. Energy Star is government-backed, while DLC is a non-profit that collaborates on federal, state, and local levels with utilities, energy efficiency programs, manufacturers, and lighting designers.

  7. What is the difference between Energy Star and DLC?
  8. Energy Star deals with retrofits and lamps under 75 watts of power consumption. Lumen efficacy is currently 84 lumens per watt to qualify for the Energy Star 2.0 listing.

    DLC has a minimum of 100 lumens per watt efficacy. DLC also does not deal in retrofits/lamps under 75 watts of power. DLC also does not have a category that cover The RETRO retrofit kit.

    Both standards are accepted by your local power provider in order apply for LED Upgrade Incentive Rebates.

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  9. I am about to upgrade my space to LED. What do I do next in order to start the process?
  10. The first step would be to call your local factory representative, dealer, or the factory directly. We will help determine what type of fixtures you need.

  11. How do I know which Model RETRO I need to use?
  12. The RETRO model numbers are based on the wattage range they are designed to replace (in tungsten). A RETRO 150 can replace a 150 watt tungsten lamp; RETRO 300, a 300 watt tungsten lamp and so forth. If you are replacing Metal Halide fixtures, you will need to know the lumen output of the fixture and use that as your basis of comparison.

  13. How do I find your Energy Star listings?
  14. Energy Star Partner Listing: Click Here