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  1. What is the RETRO Series?
  2. The RETRO series of fixtures consists of four high-powered LED retrofit kits that are able to dim on most of your existing dimming systems all the way to 0%, like a tungsten lamp without adding or replacing your current lighting fixtures.

  3. What is the difference between RETRO 1.0 and RETRO 2.0
  4. The improved RETRO-Fusion 2.0 and Passive 2.0 include field-swappable bases, allowing qualified reps and dealers to interchange between various electrical attachment options on-site. The Fusion 2.0 can also be outfitted with adjustable PAR rings and all the associated accessories. Additionally, the Passive 2.0 driver housing was transitioned to the same black plastic shell as the Fusion, making it uniform with the rest of the RETRO line. To further facilitate an easier installation process and ensure the safe and proper use of the fixtures, the safety cables on the updated RETRO Series are now detachable.

    Focusing on streamlining the product line, the RETRO-Classic was discontinued at the time of the Fusion 2.0 and Passive 2.0 release.

    To learn more, click here.

  5. How does the RETRO get installed?
  6. There are currently four different methods of installation that are offered:

    • Bare Wire (PAR46, PAR56, PAR64, and custom can styles)
    • E11 Mini Candelabra in stem lengths of 4”, 2 ¾”, and 1 ¾” as well as custom lengths
    • E26 Medium Screw Base
    • E26 Medium Screw Base with various socket adapters (E39 mogul screw base, BA15D twist, custom length E26 extenders, custom length to be determined by customer)
  7. Can you customize the RETRO to specifically fit to my existing fixture?
  8. Yes, the RETRO is designed to be fully customizable in almost any application for installation.

  9. What types of installations are not compatible for the RETRO?
  10. Only those with spatial constraints, such as if the existing cans are not deep or wide enough.

  11. What lamp bases are available for the RETRO?
  12. Currently, the RETRO is offered in the following lamp bases:

    • BA15D Double Bayonet
    • Bare Wire
    • E11 Mini Candelabra (heights of stems ranging from 1.5” to 4” tall)
    • E26/27 Medium Screw Base
    • E39/40 Mogul Screw Base
    • Custom heights can be made

    If the base you are looking for is not listed here, please contact the factory at 1-888-252-5912, and speak to a customer service representative about what you currently have.

  13. I have some downlight cans in my facility that are small, bright screw lamps that burn up the sockets quickly. Do you have a RETRO that would suit my needs?
  14. Yes, the existing lamp you are referring to is a popular lamp called the E11 Mini Candelabra. These lamps range in wattages of 100-500 watts each. Each one of our RETRO products can be installed using a customized E11 male socket base that is able to support the RETRO in the existing socket.

  15. How do I best determine the beam spread of the reflectors for my facility?
  16. Without having to use math to determine the proper beam angle, or use an expensive program, you can request a demo unit with a set of different lens/reflectors we offer. Try these test units at every major throw distance, as the same reflectors will not produce the same results when your ceiling is only 10’ above the audience’s head in the back of the auditorium, v. 30’ in the front. You will probably want something wider in the back in this case v. the front. If there is an error, there is an easy fix: the reflectors are able to be removed in the field and can be swapped for a different beam spread.

  17. Will our sockets be able to support all that weight?
  18. Yes, we have tested our aluminum E11 stems in excess of 30lbs. The heaviest RETRO fixture has a maximum weight of 2.3 lbs.  As long as the socket is not stripped out or destroyed, it will support the unit. CSA/UL have certified the E11 stem up to 5lbs.

  19. How long is my warranty with the RETRO series?
  20. The standard warranty is two years for existing fixtures. Warranty starts from the time of shipment.  Extended warranties are also available. New fixture installation is 5 years standard. Talk to your local supplier, or call the factory to discuss options at 1-888- 252-5912.

  21. Where is the RETRO family manufactured?
  22. The RETRO series of LEDs is proudly built and designed in the United States of America. We manufacture in Marietta, GA.

  23. What type of dimming system will the RETRO series dim best on?
  24. Currently, the RETRO has not found a dimming system that we could not work with. In some instances, dimming systems may require a few adjustments in order to keep the electronics stable on the dimmer in order to maximize performance. The RETRO is compatible to work with most SCRs, TRIAC, IGBTs, and sinewave dimmer racks.

  25. What is the standard model for the RETRO Series?
  26. The standard model is 3000K at 80+CRI. Please call for availability and lead times on any other color temps/CRI. We offer 90 and 97 CRI depending on the color temperature of the chip.

  27. What are my options for color temperature?
  28. Your options include 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K, and 6500K.

  29. Can I install these RETROs in an exterior downlight?
  30. No, the RETROs’ CSA/UL safety listings limits their use to indoor, dry locations only.

  31. What is the lead time of the RETRO?
  32. If we do not have the units in stock, there is a five to six-week lead time. Anything custom can take up to six to eight weeks, depending on the quantity needed and availability of parts.

  33. How much do each of the RETROs cost?
  34. All pricing is available through one of our many authorized distributors and resellers. All pricing is project-specific in order to ensure that you are priced for only what you need, and nothing more. To find a representative in your area, please search here.

  35. Who do I call if I am having a technical issue?
  36. Please call our technical service hotline at 1-888-252-5912 for assistance with any technical issues, dimming questions, and specific applications. We are more than happy to troubleshoot any issues over the phone.