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New Coat of Paint and Seats? No—New Lights

CantoUSA RETRO Before After Fairfax High School Photo

Jason Reeves

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November 13, 2018

Dwain McMillan, Lead Sound Support and Lighting Tech for Fairfax County Public Schools, attended Fairfax High School, so when it was time for them to upgrade their auditorium, he had extra reasons for wanting the job done right. One of Artistic Concepts Group’s typical go-to solutions for houselight replacements are The RETRO series, and they have produced a number of success stories with them.

Fairfax High School originally had 500watt E11 Mini Candelabras, and they replaced all 105 units with 3000K RETRO-Classic™ 500 E11 mini candelabras with short reflectors. They dim on ETC dimming system Sensor 3 Dimmer Rack. The school went from using 500 watts to 49 watts per unit, over 90% reduction in power. 52,500 watts down to 5,145 watts instead! Replacing with The RETRO-Classic also increased the light quality in the room by 30-40%. This is assuming the auditorium was fully lamped, as their previous lamps would start to go out after only 2-3 months of use.

CantoUSA RETRO Before After Fairfax High School Photo

The school’s drama teacher loves how he can actually see the seats now, and it looks like the auditorium had a makeover with a new coat of paints and seats. The secret was just changing the lighting!

Below is a video of the before/after timelapse. The video was shot with a smartphone. Please excuse an iris/aperture adjustments during dimming up or down.

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