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Penn’s Grove Middle School Updates Its Auditorium With Canto USA’s RETRO Series

Penns Grove After Canto USA RETRO Install

Jason Reeves - VP of Marketing

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April 4, 2023

Penn’s Grove Middle School, located in Oxford, PA, was looking to update its auditorium lighting system. Many of the existing house lights were in definite need of repair resulting in dark spots throughout the auditorium. They consulted with Illuminated Integration to design and install a new system.

Illuminated went with Canto USA’s RETRO Series which allowed them to upgrade the entire house lighting system while limiting the number of fixtures that needed to be completely replaced. A total of 59 RETRO-Fusion 500s with mini-candelabra stems were used throughout. The RETRO‘s smooth dimming and warm 3000K color temperature have been a definite improvement over their older system. 

Penns Grove Before Canto USA RETRO Install 01
Penn’s Grove Middle School Before Installation
Penns Grove After Canto USA RETRO Install 01
Penn’s Grove Middle School After Canto USA RETRO Series Installation

“The RETRO fixture themselves were very easy to install. It took about 2 and 1/2 days to do all of them. They just screwed in like a regular bulb. Seemed to be a very quality fixture.” said Ted Best, Illuminated Integration’s Lead Installation Creative.

Penns Grove Before Canto USA RETRO Install 02
Penn’s Grove Middle School Before Installation
Penns Grove After Canto USA RETRO Install 02
Penn’s Grove Middle School After Canto USA RETRO Series Installation

Other upgrades included the stage lighting with ETC Source 4WRD II fixtures and ETC ColorSource PAR fixtures. An ETC Element 2 lighting console was specified because of its advanced theatrical color control capability and its magic sheet feature. For architectural control, an ETC Paradigm system was specified which interfaces with button stations and touchscreens around the space. The lighting rig was designed to accommodate any event that is held on the stage from school assemblies, choir concerts, to a musical!

Penns Grove After Canto Usa Retro Install 03
Penn’s Grove Middle School After Canto USA RETRO Series Installation

The RETRO Series Line of Products

RETRO-Fusion™ – Lighter & Smaller

CantoUSA RETRO-Fusion Series Product Photo

With the RETRO-Fusion being lighter and lower profile, along with a beveled top edge, it is able to squeeze into more shallow fixtures without having the lens protrude from the front of the trim ring. That reduces any type of glare. This new design opens up more opportunities and applications.

RETRO-Classic™ – Flexibility & Customization

CantoUSA RETRO-Classic Series Product Photo

The RETRO-Classic our original 0-100% phase dimmable (forward and reverse) variable wattage LED 2700K-6500K 80-97 CRI engine retrofit house light and most customizable RETRO in the entire RETRO family. They are heavier than the Fusion, yet lighter than Passive.

RETRO-Passive® – Absolute Silence

CantoUSA RETRO-Passive Series Product Photo

Being fanless, the RETRO-Passive is perfect for sound-sensitive spaces like museums and concert halls. They also have heavier heat sinks to compensate for not having active cooling.

RETRO-PAR – PAR Lamp Replacement

CantoUSA RETRO-Par Series Product Photo

The RETRO-PAR is easy to replace/install, modular, and customizable. Customizable features include active or passive cooling, different wattage outputs, and different optical beam spreads. It comes in PAR 38, 46, 56, and 64 styles, as well as custom.


CantoUSA RETRO-HPL Product Photo

The RETRO-HPL is a direct replacement for existing Source 4 PARs in the marketplace, especially those used for house lights.

About CantoUSA

Founded in 2013, Canto USA is a manufacturer of houselight retrofits and followspots. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to our mission: “Our customers come first. In order to do this, we continuously train our team on the latest trends and needs of the industry, while at the same time becoming a trendsetter in the development of new products and technology that no other company has available.” 

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