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RETRO Customization

RETRO Customization

RETRO Customization

A lot of times we’re asked, “Can the RETRO…?” when really the question is, “How will the RETRO…?” When it comes to customization our original RETRO-Classic™ is our most customizable LED retrofit light engine. Check out just some of the modifications we’ve done over the years.

RETRO-Classic™ 500 Junction Box Adjustable Par Ring

Retro Custom 001

RETRO-Classic™ 150 Custom Stem E26

Retro Custom 002

RETRO-Classic™ 150 E26 Edison

Retro Custom 004

RETRO-Classic™ 150 E11 Mini Candelabra

Retro Custom 003

RETRO-Classic™ 300 Fixed Par Ring Bare Wire

Retro Custom 005

RETRO-Classic™ 500 E26 Edison

Retro Custom 006

RETRO-Classic™ 150 Bare Wire

Retro Custom 007

RETRO-Classic™ 500 Custom Diffuser

Retro Custom 008