Before and After CantoUSA RETRO Install

Fairfax High School originally had 500watt E11 Mini Candelabras, and they replaced all 105 units with 3000K RETRO-Classic™ 500 E11 mini candelabras with short reflectors.

New CantoUSA Products at LDI 2019 in Las Vegas

If you didn't make it to LDI 2019, here's a video of what you missed from Canto USA.

Where to Put the RETRO Series Models

CantoUSA's Shawn Harmon covers where the RETRO series would be a good fit inside a facility. Existing dimming systems, PAR, custom, etc...

Understanding the RETRO series Models

Learn when a RETRO-Classic™, RETRO-Fusion™, and RETRO-Passive® is right for your space.