Before and After CantoUSA RETRO Install

Before and After CantoUSA RETRO Install: Fairfax High School

Fairfax High School originally had 500watt E11 Mini Candelabras, and they replaced all 105 units with 3000K RETRO-Classic™ 500 E11 mini candelabras with short reflectors. They dim on ETC dimming system Sensor 3 Dimmer Rack. The school went from using 500 watts to 49 watts per unit, over 90% reduction in power. 52,500 watts down to 5,145 watts instead! Replacing with The RETRO-Classic also increased the light quality in the room by 30-40%. This is assuming the auditorium was fully lamped, as their previous lamps would start to go out after only 2-3 months of use.