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Why Does R & D Take So Long?

Jason Reeves


April 29, 2019

Salespeople and end-users alike are always excited at new perspectives on products. As a society, we like looking into the future for the next greatest thing because, let’s face it, new is exciting. New also shows an evolutionary change taking place, whether adding a new feature to an existing product or making an LED brighter in our case. People love new stuff and product launches. Some pride themselves on being early adopters of new technologies. New products can sometimes be treated in a mysterious way—it’s all about building anticipation. But, why does it take so long to get new products sometimes? There is a long list of determining factors.

You don’t want to rush. You want it to be done right the first time. That goes for quality assurance. The longer it takes to develop a product, the more testing has taken place. It shows you’ve explored all possible options with beta testing, and ensuring that products don’t fail in the field. Our mantra is not to simply fall in line with everyone else’s product offerings, but try to come out with unique solutions.

Research itself is time-consuming. Between conceptualizing products, running bench tests to prove theoretical concepts, and taking that idea to drafting on a computer, fabricating a prototype, testing that prototype, and going back to start changing the design based on current test results. You reverse and repeat that process over and over until the product is done.

Next is doing a small production run. The production team will run into issues you didn’t even expect, so you go back and implement those changes. Once done with internal testing, you’re happy with the design process, and you’ve worked out all the production kinks, then you submit the product to CSA/UL which we’ve discussed previously. That takes 6-8 weeks depending upon whether the product passes or not. If you have to make changes and resubmit, that takes even more time. Your product isn’t rushed through on repeat submissions. After that, working with vendors on ordering all necessary parts can also take weeks or months so that you have enough supplies for a full production run. Then, comes the creation of marketing materials and getting the word out about your new product.

So, when we say “We’re working on it,” we are in one of those many phases of research and development to ensure that what we’re going to give you is exactly what you want with the standard quality assurance behind it that CantoUSA offers on all of their products.

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